In Tarifa, a small town in southern Spain, near Cadiz, people show themselves as they are: authentic and daring. Touched by the sea, right where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet, it is the place chosen by thousands of adventurers from around the world to relax, explore or practice one of the most enjoyable sports in the world, kitesurf.

At TARIFA and COMPANY we like simple, elegant, practical things. We like things well done. We like to make them our own. These are the principles behind TARIFA and COMPANY.

By choosing TARIFA and COMPANY you make this philosophy also yours, betting for quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Welcome to this authentic and daring adventure, wherever you are. Send us pictures!

Agnes and Inigo.

TARIFA and COMPANY founders



Each swimsuit is built exclusively in our workshop upon request. Your TARIFAs are unique because you're the one bringing them to life. We provide the means and you design the end result.

Design and craftmanship. We intend to build the best swimsuits for men in the world. To achieve this, we work with experienced professionals and craftsmen in tailoring, design, manual stitching and product finish to custom-build simple, comfortable, attractive swimwear.

Quality and durability. At TARIFA and COMPANY we are proud of the product we build, so we work with the best textile and trims suppliers in the world, allowing us to offer highly durable, resistant and quick drying swimsuits, which make our garments able to naturally withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, sand, salt or chlorine water...

Personalization. Our firm is a customizable brand for men’s swimsuits. You customize them. You decide the cut, size, colors and initials through a simple personalization engine. This allows you to choose from thousands of possible combinations.

Delivery. You will receive your TARIFAs within three weeks of ordering, and we are committed to send it to you anywhere in the world, however heavenly and remote it might be.

Long live your TARIFAs!

Tarifa and Company hand-made



For those who think that giving is more rewarding to give than receiving, at TARIFA and COMPANY we make it easy with our gift card, valid for any pair of TARIFAs (including shipping costs), or any other amount you decide to gift away.

The recipient can access the personalization engine and design their pair of TARIFAs from thousands of possible combinations, allowing them to add their own personal design and touches. The difficulty will lie in choosing just one!

Now, off to the beach!

Tarifa and Company gift cards



In compliance with the current regulations, at TARIFA and COMPANY we only store information about your address, previous purchases and saved designs to aid you in your next purchase. We do not store data from your credit card, or any other information of financial nature.

Most of the time we may be enjoying the sun of Tarifa, but we get very serious about all that relates to safety and security, especially if it’s yours.

Tarifa and Company secure knots



We are very proud of our product. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality and finish of our TARIFA, and meet your high standards and expectations. However, we will not be completely satisfied with our product until you are too.

If after receiving your order, it does not adjust to your original specifications or is not in perfect condition, send it back to us under the same conditions it was received (unworn), and we will refund the amount of the TARIFAs as well as any possible return costs in which you might have incurred.

Once we have built your swimsuit, we do not accept returns that do not correspond to errors in the order or in the quality of the garment. Being a customizable product, this responsibility lies with you! In any case, if after you place the order you change your mind about any aspect of it, please contact us ASAP and we will try make the necessary changes before it enters production.

Tarifa and Company packaging