An icon on the beach. Born in the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Since 1962, Havaianas have carried millions of feet worldwide across the world. They are comfortable, resistant, and one can choose among thousands of designs. These are only some of the reasons to combine them with your TARIFAs in 2016.


From its flip-flops, espadrilles or sneakers, you are bound to find a pair that is the perfect fit. The Havaianas family grows every year with something in common: the latest style. If you are bound to be wearing flip-flops, they might as well be Havaianas.


Take a look at their new collection and create a unique and personal look combining them with your TARIFAs.


We are always in the search for great fitting pants, and now we have come across a great alternative: Spoke offers you a unique product. A pair of pants perfectly fitted to match your figure, manufactured and hand-crafted beautifully, are only a click away.


The philosophy behind this British brand is set on the firm belief that clothing that don’t fit you perfectly can never really look stylish. Their mission is not only focused on creating a pair of great looking pants, but also ones in which you’ll feel most comfortable in. And whilst other brands are focused on fast moving fashion trends, Spoke have not forgotten on the critical aspects of refinement and fit. This is why every purchase begins by getting your measurements right.


Through a simple eight question process about your height, weight and build, Spoke will recommend the perfect size from within its offering. If your idea is to present it as a gift, you just need to choose the amount. The gift card will be sent with a tailor’s measuring tape for perfect impact and presentation.

Spoke shows that customization is not only about fabrics and cuts, but about making our clothing truly ours. Just like Tarifa and Company, they thrive on quality and exclusivity for a style that’s truly ours. Make it. Wear it.



If you love travelling don’t miss the opportunity to experience this selection of wonderful lakes! Sometimes the best way of knowing a place is discovering their natural and charming spots. From Tarifa and Company, we want share with your our selection of El Confidencial‘s 10 most beautiful lakes.


Plitvice Lake, Croatia. Located two hours from Zagreb and surrounded by a large National Park, the bluish-green Plitvice lakes are set near a patchwork of forests. You will find a colourful setting, full of streams and waterfalls that makes them absolutely exotic. An iconic destination for those who appreciate the beauty of preserved nature.


Lake Bled, Slovenia. Located at the Julians Alp’ valley, its definitely one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The main island counts with a little chapel from the XV century that makes this place truly unique and special. Bled is also famous for hosting in many occasions the World Rowing Championships.


Lake O’Hara, Canada. This lake is a backcountry Canadian Rocky Mountain Resort in Yoho National Park, it is a place surrounded by big, rocky mountains, but its main characteristic is it huge dimension: 84 acres. There are also other lakes in this park and waterfalls where you can also find fossil fields. An ideal place for disconnecting and getting away from your daily routines.


Lake Powell, EEUU. It is the second largest artificial lake in the United States. Located in the basin of the Colorado River, it captures everyone’s attention due to its contrasting colours: the reddish soil with the light blue of the lake.


Lake Pichola, India. Another big artificial lake, but with a further peculiarity, Pichola counts with a magnific hotel in the centre, that used to be a Royal Residence. It is a magic place where you can appreciate luxury and the great ancient tastes of the Indian royalty.