For several decades, among the rituals of initiation for the New Year we have started noting a first dive into the water, a great way to start the year with a sporty, healthy, and energetic manner and of course, in a swimsuit.

These collective dips occur in more and more cities and countries. Lisbon in Portugal, gathers its daring bathers on the beach in Carcavelos, Cascais, since 1943. What began as a challenge among friends today gathers thousands of people every year.


From Ottawa, Canada, the bravest challenge freezing temperatures during the so-called ‘Polar Bear Dip’.


In the Netherlands, this adventure takes place on the beach of Scheveningen, The Hague, where tradition also calls to wear an orange hat, signature color for the country.


Germany offers its own spin, where dozens of people bathe with torches in the icy waters of the Lech River in Fussen, Bavaria.


In Spain, with Barcelona as a pioneer, more and more cities that join tradition, such as Valencia and Gran Canaria.


Among better temperatures, this traditional bath on 1 January also takes place on the beach in Muizenberg, Cape Town.


This collective madness brings together daring swimmers who stand the cold and run into the sea to shake off the remains of the year gone by and welcome the next. And after a swim, nothing like a good meal to warm up again.

Is there a better way to start the year than to do it in a swimsuit? It’s always summer somewhere. Make it. Wear it.


As we finish the season of sun and sand in the Northern Hemisphere, many celebrities who have been spotted in their swim trunks with all the expectation this entails. While there are varying degrees of success, the truth is that everyone has set their own style, serving us as an inspiration for customizing our perfect TARIFAs.

Let’s do a short review…


Short, in solid blue pastel tones is a classic which never fails. Verdasco, the famous tennis player celebrated his 75k followers on Instagram wearing his TARIFAs while relaxing in his home pool. A smart choice for boasting his fit body and taking advantage of his tan.


Following the same style as Verdasco but adding a little touch of color with the back pocket, we have Aitor Ocio’s choice for his customized TARIFAs. A perfect election to live his summer holidays at Formentera and Ibiza. Aitor in swim trunks is always a good combination.

En la misma l√≠nea pero con un toque de color en el bolsillo trasero son los TARIFA escogidos por Aitor Ocio para pasar sus vacaciones en Formentera. Aitor y un traje de ba√Īo‚Ķ una combinaci√≥n sencillamente perfecta.


Setting solid colors aside, other celebrities have dared with prints of all sorts! Examples include Mark Wahlberg wearing an octopus print in blue tones, or the floral choices of english model Oliver Cheshire and Patrick Schwarzenegger.


Just as important it is to choose the perfect swim trunk as knowing how to wear it. And definitely some celebrities have inspired us to learn how we should avoid being seen in our trunks. For example, Paolo Maldini, with a good choice of bright yellow tones which would have been perfect if had he not shown his slips underneath. Or Sete Gibernau rolling his swimsuit to maximize his bronzed legs.


Giorgio Armani honors a special mention, given his choice to show us too much!

We hope this summary will help you customizing your TARIFAs! Make it. Wear it.


Every summer, the choice of swimwear brings with it the big question: solid or print? Why not both? The solids are a safe bet, a perennial classic which, year after year, will fulfill their function. However, print swim trunks will give your look a fresh feel every season.


Tarifa and Company makes a bold bet on floral prints each year. For the classics or conservatives, two-tone prints will be a sure hit. Its combination with a neutral color shirt or polo will bring elegant and modern to your summer look.

Prints that blend colors in pastel shades provide all the light needed to fill with joy and vitality those men concerned with their style. They can be combined with different tones, getting a different look for every occasion: beach, boat, beach bar or pool.


Our TARIFAs fabrics are specifically treated to provide a similar cotton and the lack of visible seams in their pockets, make prints an option for everyone in their customized trunks.

You can also combine your TARIFAs in solid tones with printed fabrics in the back pocket. So if you continue asking yourself whether to go smooth or print, our advice is that you visit our Customizer and combine appropriate colors or prints to achieve the perfect swim trunks for you, your style and your personality. Make it. Wear it!