If you can’t stop playing sports even at the beach, beach bats will be your best friend during sunny vacations. From Tarifa and Company we recommend our latest discovery, Rafaello, a Spanish company that manufactures professional and unique beach bats with incredible designs.


All bats are made in Spain with low density tropical timber which makes them lighter and easier to handle. Once the bat is crafted, the wood is covered with a special oil that protects it from the effects of sun and sea water.

What we like most at Tarifa and Company is, of course, that the bats can be customized to give you a touch of exclusivity. The process is simple. First you select the bat or bats that you want to design from their catalog, and then add them to the cart adding the customization option. During the checkout process you will be able to add a name to each bat.


But you can also opt for a special and personalized model, just request this option and the team will design and develop a specific custom project for you. This option includes from development of a particular shape or hole in the bat, logo engraving, or adding images or pictures using laser or pyrography.

With this technique, durability of the design is enhanced, as well as providing a very striking design and aesthetic touch due to the slight, dark dentures in the wood.


Now you know, slide into your TARIFAs and enjoy summer beach sports differently. Make it. Wear it.


Who hasn’t dreamt about flying sometime? Adrenaline, fun and action are all things you will experience with Flyboard, the hit sport in beaches around the world.

Sea and height combine to create the freshest sport this summer. Swim like a dolphin, rise more than 12 meters above the water and spin with incredible moves with just a pair of boots, a board and two water streams generated by a jetski.

In Ibiza, Tarifa, or Miami, try out Flyboard this summer on your favorite beach! Even Leonardo DiCaprio has tried this new liberating experience. Are you up for the luxury of floating above water?


Franky Zapata starting tinkering on his new device in the Spring of 2011. Thanks to his experience with jetskis, he was able to quickly build a prototype, and after a few tests, Franky introduced Flyboard to the world in a jetski competition in China in 2012.

We’ve already tried it in the chilly waters of Vigo, Spain, although it’s apparent we need more practice… are you in?