To offer our clients, not only the finest materials and quality, but also an unbeatable shopping experience, TARIFA and COMPANY opens its swimsuit customizer. Personalization is here to stay!


You will be able to customize the TARIFA fabric of your choice, among a classic bermuda cut, comfortable and classy, and an edgier, short cut, boxer-style, that are now in vogue in beaches around the world.

Start your customization by choosing a fabric, among our large selection of solids and prints, carefully selected among the latest designs. You will be able to combine this fabric or any other, for the back pocket, to create a unique dual TARIFA combination.


Customization does not stop there. TARIFA and COMPANY allows you to choose the cord of your swimsuit, to add a touch of color and creativity to your design.


But the most interesting aspect of the brand and product, is that you will be able to embroider your initials or characters to create a virtually unique swimsuit, from among 15.000 possible combinations.



While we do offer a catalog of predesigned combinations, we encourage you to take advantage of a unique swimsuit built completely to your taste.

What are you waiting for to create your own model? Make it. Wear it!


Fall-Winter season tends to be set by darker and flatter tones, typically with more vibrant and flashy summer colors. However, this season, closets will be filled with color, as the new trends dictate.

From TARIFA and COMPANY we want to share with you the trends in colors for the 2014-2015 Fall-Winter Season.


Reds and faded burgundys are leading some of the latest fashion trends. In stripes, plaids or patterns, these colors are always part of an extroverted and fun personality.

Combine you TARIFAs in reddish tones with neutral colors, such as white or black, to make the most of them.


The feared yellow, this time in mustard shades will also set the tone for this season. While at first sight it might seem difficult to combine, the options are infinite and you will enjoy the latest trend!


Suited with superheroes by designer Stella McCartney, the new Jaguar XE S chauffeurs the multiple VIP personalities through the streets of Paris during its 2014 Fashion Week.

The collaboration of the British designer is part of the aggressive Jaguar launch campaign for its new XE model. Stella’s vision is full of personality and style, adapting its style to the singular line and body of the XE, and covering the elegant bodywork with super hero figures.


Both Jaguar and Stella McCartney are icons in British design, sharing their commitment to the latest trends. The FEEL XE Experience campaign is the best example of this philosophy.

This project is just a preview before Jaguar reveals all the details of its new line in the Paris Automotive Show next October 2nd.

And you, how would you customize your car? Make it. Wear it.