In the middle of the Mediterranean, Hacienda Na Xamena is the ideal spot to spend a dream holiday. It’s location makes it unique: on top of a cliff and surrounded by Mediterranean forest, it possesses marvelous and spectacular sea views.


Most astounding are the hotels Suspended Cascades, an exterior spa settled over a 180 meter (600 feet) cliff with a wonderful view over the Mediterranean.

This incredible setting offers a unique Thalassotherapy treatment. Composed of eight lagoons of warm sea water, interconnected among themselves through cascades, it guarantees profound relaxation, from head to toe.


But Hacienda Na Xamena also offers a traditional spa, La Posidonia, that includes a wide selection of body and facial treatments.

Hop into your TARIFAs and treat yourself at Na Xamena. And don’t doubt about reserving one of their rooms with private jacuzzi and pool with views over the Mediterranean.


Some of the best beaches in South America can be found in the island that form archipelagos of unique and spectacular views. Characterized by their variety of shapes and styles, they are all perfect destinations to relax enjoying nature.

At TARIFA and COMPANY we have picked our favorites. Which ones would you add to the list?

Los Roques, Venezuela. This archipelago in the lower Antilles is home to some of the most beautiful islands in Latin America. The most spectacular beaches, all with clear, turquoise waters can be found in the three Francisqui keys. Also in the Aguas key, where patches of sand mix with freshwater wells and natural pools for a dream sight.


Fernando de Noronha, Brasil. Declared a marine natural park, this archipelago of volcanic origins enjoys some of the best beaches in South America. Its clear waters are a great diving spot where to enjoy the greatest display of marine life.


Galapagos, Ecuador. On top of enjoying unique views of sandy beaches, you will be able to enjoy swimming with marine iguanas, an experience hard to replicate elsewhere in the world. You will also be able to enjoy the sight of the marine turtles that inhabit the coasts of the Galapagos.


San Andres, Colombia. Beaches of fine sand and warm waters. Idyllic landscapes and a melting pot of cultures. Known as the seven color sea, San Andres is a spot you will not want to miss.


Wherever you are, remember that it’s always summer somewhere!


White sand beaches are an image that never quite leave our dreams. They are always there, as a perfect winter escapade when the cold weather hits.

At TARIFA and CO. we have gathered a list of five of the best white sand beaches in the world. Which one would you add to your dream list?

Maldives. Located in the Indian Ocean, this group of islands is a true luxury. Each island is its own hotel, and bungalow rooms enjoy their own private beach.


Playa Para├şso, Cayo Largo. Possibly the best beach in Cuba, you will always find a calm sea and clear waters. A perfect place to look at starfish and hundreds of other fish.


Bora Bora. Also known as the Pearl of the Pacific, it is one of the world’s most romantic islands. An atoll located within the Society Islands in French Polynesia, just north of Tahiti.


Wineglass Bay, Tasmania. Located in Freycinet National Park, this beach has been recognized by various institutions as one of the most beautiful in the world.


Langkawi, Malasia. Par of an archipelago of islands in the Andaman Sea, 100 islands full of incredible white sand beaches, and surrounded by virgin forests.


Prepare your winter escapade and let yourself be seen in one of these paradise. Of course, with a pair of TARIFAs!