Nine-time kitesurf world champion, Gisela Pulido, along with entrepreneur Javier Pérez Dolset, led an army of 352 riders, covering a distance of a mile in Tarifa waters.

Professional and amateur riders from all over the world came together for this initiative that has entered the history books. With a strong levante wind that took three days to appear, the participants managed to break the Guinness World Record set at 318 riders last year at the British beach of Hayling Island.

After the record setting, the seventh event for the PKRA World Tour kicked off, which returns to Tarifa after a six year absence.


If you are near Cádiz, don’t miss out of this experience!

From TARIFA and COMPANY we congratulate all participants!



Pro kitesurf returns to Tarifa’s beaches after a 6 year hiatus. From August 27 through September 7, Tarifa will host one of the final events of this year’s PKRA (Professional Kiteboard Riders Association) World Championship.

kite in Tarifa

The event will gather the best kitesurfers of the world, including 9-time world champion,Gisela Pulido o current sensation Liam Whaley. In addition, there will be a trial to try to break the world record of simultaneous kitesurfers set at 318 in Hayling Island in 2013 (which included Sir Richard Branson among those participating).

The route will begin at Los Lances and reach Valdevaqueros, and will be supervised via GPS and rescue boats.

Make a trip to Tarifa and this dates to enjoy an exclusive event. A perfect plan to disconnect in a unique environment.