From long jersey pants and short sleeves to a tight boxers with belts, male swim trunks have adapted with every decade to every fashion trend. Revisit the classics and the latest trends through our latest post!


Until the 30s, the male swimsuit used to hide the man’s chest, but it was in the second decade of this years when they started using straps to show us part of their chest, something useful to get an easier skin tanned, a status symbol at that time.

New blended fabrics, combining cotton and elastic fibers granted early 40s swim trunks comfort, elasticity and faster drying.


Thus, as year’s progressed, the male swimsuit progressed to the current trends: prints and brightly colored shorts. Explore Tarifa and Company’s fabrics and create your own customized swimsuit!

Movies, television and ads leave us a detailed memory of this evolution. But surely the video made by Glam Mode for their YouTube channel is the best way to look at the evolution of the male bathing costume for last century in less than three minutes. Enjoy life in swimtrunks!


The excellence of the Italian brand Gucci finds its finest expression in the exclusive manufacturing services and custom menswear for clients who aspire for the best.

In addition to an exclusive selection of fabrics, Gucci’s MADE TO MEASURE offers a tailoring service for its clothes so that every piece fits the client perfectly in their measurements and provides truly unique finishes.


This selection includes nearly 82 of the best quality materials that allow up to 178 possible combinations of colors and fabrics: wool, cashmere and mohair in classic colors like gray, navy blue and brown; silk and satin, velvet and wool perfect for the evening, embroidered with diamonds and jacquards of the classic horsebit from la Casa, tone on tone.


Examples of the extremely care and attention detail are the satin lining with Gucci’s logo and embroidered labels with the name or the client’s initials.

The MADE TO MEASURE service is completed with a customized selection of shirts that offers customers the opportunity to choose from a variety of Gucci cuts in a wide range of colors and fabrics: 26 materials for a total of 66 possible combinations of colors and fabrics.


Furthermore, Gucci offers men’s shoes with its custom service MADE TO ORDER, with which the customer can choose the material, color and width of the shoes, and bear his initials embossed.

Elegance and exclusivity in the same firm. Make it. Wear it.


If there is a style that never goes out of fashion, it is denim. These garments, so popular in all closets, can be turned into the most original and creative pieces. Levi’s, leader in denim design and quality, wants to teach you how to create unique pieces by customizing them yourself.


From their web site, and through a wide range of video tutorials showing every step on how to customize your denim learn to cut jeans, narrow or sand them, or just adjust your jacket.


Our favorite is “how to make the perfect cut off shorts”. Take advantage of those pants that are outdated, which you don’t use anymore! Perfect for wearing them on sunny or beach days. Customize your clothing! Make it. Wear it.