Bright colours are always the perfect option for sunny days. Among them, orange is a perfect pick for this season! A touch of tangerine will definitely make your closets lively and colourful.


Always looking out for new trends, at TARIFA and COMPANY we bring you the opportunity add a touch of your style in orange tones. Take a note of these tips, and make a splash this summer.

Mix orange tones with other colors, such as whites or tans to match your sun tan and bring the best color combinations to life.


You can also opt for a solid orange alternative, combining fun and freshness, it will give your look a touch of energy and personality.


For the most daring, customize your pair with a daring color for the back pocket; strawberries, purples or greens, will add a unique touch to your trunks.

Fill your wardrobe with color and joy with a touch of orange. Make it. Wear it.


A few weeks ago we brought you Golden Concept, a platform where you can customize your gold-plated iPhone, this time we bring you a more afordable way of customizing your phone, tablet or Apple watch.

Casetify is a web site which allows you to customize your devices’ covers with pictures from Facebook or Instagram. For those who are not active in social media, you can also upload your pictures from your computer or even choose ones from the Casetify gallery.


Choosing the device is the first step in this process, along with the case type. For iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5 and 5S, you can choose among three options:
- Classic Snap, an extra thin case for a minimalist look.
- Metalux Casing, which will allow you to swap the back cover and change them to fit any occasion.
- Wood Case, designed in a high quality wood finish.


Once you’ve selected your case, the customization process begins by selecting the template where to place our images. The page offers multiple options, ranging from the traditional grid, to formats in the shapes of hearts, dots or letters. You can also choose one of their predefined designs.

The most creative part is building the collage that will dress our phone. For those that can’t live without Instagram filters, there is also the possibility to add one of such finishes to add a touch of sophistication to your composition.


Personalize your style. Make it. Casetify it.


At TARIFA and COMPANY we have launched a new initiative that will help us grow with your help.

Through Kickstarter’s platform, which brings together new and emerging ideas with people who want to support them through crowdfunding, we want to offer our handmade swimsuit personalization service based on quality and design.

If you decide to support us, you will help us continue growing and expanding our vision for such a project:
- With 10GBP or more, we will send you a handwritten postcard from Tarifa, to thank you for your support!
- For 79GBP or more, enjoy the early bird price for a custom swimsuit, with free worldwide shipping;
- For 89GBP or more, enjoy your own customized swimsuit, again with free worldwide shipping;
- For 169GBP or more, double up and get two TARIFA’s at an unbeatable price;
- For 239GBP or more, go for the deluxe, full vacation package, three TARIFAs to enjoy anywhere!


Our objective is to ensure everyone of you enjoys a swimsuit of the best quality and unique as you are. To make this happen, we bring together all the elements for you to make your design come to life. Learn how to build your own through our explanatory video:

To participate, visit Kickstarter. When the campaign is over, you will receive your postcard or your code to customize your TARIFAs without additional cost. You should receive your TARIFAs in late April!

Our campaign finishes on March 31, don’t wait to get your TARIFAs! Make it. Wear it.