Highly masculine, blue is a permanent winner in the fashion shows around the world and promises to be a sure hit once again in the 2015 Summer Season.

Always fresh and becoming, don’t forget to review all the tones this color has two offer. What are the most fashionable for this season?

Trajes de baño azules

Aquamarine blue. Inspired by air and freshness, with light grey tones, it sets a tranquil and relaxing mood. Exalt its tones by combining it with other shades of blue. Or if you are bolder, mix it with yellows and oranges.

Tropical turquoise. As with most blues, it is a distinguished color. However, this turquoise has an interesting point in vitality and emotion, transporting us to an exotic paradise in the fantastic waters of a tropical ocean.

Electric blue. This classic blue is strong, dependable and reflective. Combine it with any other color this season for a distinctive and elegant look.

Customize your TARIFAs in blue tones and splash them with a colorful print on their back pocket.

Trajes de baño azules

At TARIFA and COMPANY we are constantly these latest trends, to be able to offer you different tones of blue to ensure you follow the latest trends, but with the touch of exclusivity that fully customizable swim trunks provide. Make it. Wear it!


When it comes to choosing your swimsuit, quality is as important as its design. Comfort and durability are two attributes that one must demand from a piece in continuous exposure to the sun, salt or chlorine.


At TARIFA and COMPANY we take this idea to think and design a swimsuit with the maximum quality and a unique style.

With an exclusive design, fully customizable alternatives, each piece is made by hand with high quality, 100% Spanish polyamides, which have been treated to break its fibers and presents a feel similar to cotton, which provides your TARIFAs with a soft finish, while retaining its quick-drying attributes and offers comfort and flexibility in your long days at the beach or by the pool.

The signature pocket makes TARIFAs unique: hiding most stitching, such as the “patch” on the back and attaching its velcro closures before sealing the piece, hide the majority of the assembly, leaving a continuous, clean surface. Its interiors are also polyamide rather than mesh, with a unique design to guarantee both resistance and water exits.

The quality of your TARIFA is expressed in the attention to its details, with luxury trims that truly make a difference. Our fabrics and bands are designed to resist salt waters and chlorine for years to come.

Our philosophy on quality, design and durability is reflected in our product. We hope you like it!

Make it. Wear it.


Summer 2014 is nearing its end in the northern hemisphere. Many celebrities have shown their style in beaches around the world, but who sports their swimwear with the greater fashion sense?

At TARIFA and COMPANY we review some of the celebrity styles seen this summer.

David Beckham and Xabi Alonso, footballers, choose a classic short in electric blue fabrics. Combined with sunglasses and a cap, these two seem to be in sync in their vacation choices!


A longer short is the choice of Leonardo Di Caprio, who chooses a dark-toned fabric with a white plaid design for contrast.


And if we are to pick the most stylist, at TARIFA that award goes to Taylor Lautner. The actor takes on floral prints in blue tones that give him a polished look.


We hope some of these ideas help you design your TARIFAs!