At TARIFA and COMPANY we have launched a new initiative that will help us grow with your help.

Through Kickstarter’s platform, which brings together new and emerging ideas with people who want to support them through crowdfunding, we want to offer our handmade swimsuit personalization service based on quality and design.

If you decide to support us, you will help us continue growing and expanding our vision for such a project:
- With 10GBP or more, we will send you a handwritten postcard from Tarifa, to thank you for your support!
- For 79GBP or more, enjoy the early bird price for a custom swimsuit, with free worldwide shipping;
- For 89GBP or more, enjoy your own customized swimsuit, again with free worldwide shipping;
- For 169GBP or more, double up and get two TARIFA’s at an unbeatable price;
- For 239GBP or more, go for the deluxe, full vacation package, three TARIFAs to enjoy anywhere!


Our objective is to ensure everyone of you enjoys a swimsuit of the best quality and unique as you are. To make this happen, we bring together all the elements for you to make your design come to life. Learn how to build your own through our explanatory video:

To participate, visit Kickstarter. When the campaign is over, you will receive your postcard or your code to customize your TARIFAs without additional cost. You should receive your TARIFAs in late April!

Our campaign finishes on March 31, don’t wait to get your TARIFAs! Make it. Wear it.


To offer our clients, not only the finest materials and quality, but also an unbeatable shopping experience, TARIFA and COMPANY opens its swimsuit customizer. Personalization is here to stay!


You will be able to customize the TARIFA fabric of your choice, among a classic bermuda cut, comfortable and classy, and an edgier, short cut, boxer-style, that are now in vogue in beaches around the world.

Start your customization by choosing a fabric, among our large selection of solids and prints, carefully selected among the latest designs. You will be able to combine this fabric or any other, for the back pocket, to create a unique dual TARIFA combination.


Customization does not stop there. TARIFA and COMPANY allows you to choose the cord of your swimsuit, to add a touch of color and creativity to your design.


But the most interesting aspect of the brand and product, is that you will be able to embroider your initials or characters to create a virtually unique swimsuit, from among 15.000 possible combinations.



While we do offer a catalog of predesigned combinations, we encourage you to take advantage of a unique swimsuit built completely to your taste.

What are you waiting for to create your own model? Make it. Wear it!


Customization is reaching our homes, as manufacturers are offering increasing alternatives when it comes to personalization.

Hem, the new furniture design brand by Fab, has recently opened its web site to sell furnishings with thousands of customization options through its online engine.


With simple usage guidelines, Hem’s customization tools allow you to design tables, shelves, stools, or storage pieces.

You can start your design off one of their inspirational pieces, or begin from scratch. The limit to the Hem design will only be your inspiration. Rectangular, rounded or octagonal shapes are all alternatives for your furniture. You will also be able to choose materials, sizes, assembly options and finishes.


The dream to design and distribute your space is now a luxury you can afford. Visit Hem and enjoy customizing their furniture.

Make it. Enjoy it!