From long jersey pants and short sleeves to a tight boxers with belts, male swim trunks have adapted with every decade to every fashion trend. Revisit the classics and the latest trends through our latest post!


Until the 30s, the male swimsuit used to hide the man’s chest, but it was in the second decade of this years when they started using straps to show us part of their chest, something useful to get an easier skin tanned, a status symbol at that time.

New blended fabrics, combining cotton and elastic fibers granted early 40s swim trunks comfort, elasticity and faster drying.


Thus, as year’s progressed, the male swimsuit progressed to the current trends: prints and brightly colored shorts. Explore Tarifa and Company’s fabrics and create your own customized swimsuit!

Movies, television and ads leave us a detailed memory of this evolution. But surely the video made by Glam Mode for their YouTube channel is the best way to look at the evolution of the male bathing costume for last century in less than three minutes. Enjoy life in swimtrunks!


As luxury reaches a greater population, one must find new ways to achieve exclusivity. Customers can look to be unique by combining both: personalization, and the experience of creating their own product, valuing the full customization process of the items created by and for them.


Some of the biggest and most fashionable firms in the world have joined this process of creation. Bottega Veneta, Nike, Loewe or Apple are examples of the pioneering brands on customization.


Digitization has facilitated the process of customizing by making the design process easier, faster and completely visual. Online customization offers a wide range of possibilities to the consumers, who no longer need a physical place to go to buy the product. As firms take advantage on this great asset, don’t forget that what today makes the difference among many brands is your personalization!


These are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we belief in at Tarifa and Company and the ones we share with our consumers through our digital platform. Luxury and exclusivity in the same swim trunk, created by you and for you. Because your are the only one who can make your garments look perfect.

Make it. Wear it.


As we finish the season of sun and sand in the Northern Hemisphere, many celebrities who have been spotted in their swim trunks with all the expectation this entails. While there are varying degrees of success, the truth is that everyone has set their own style, serving us as an inspiration for customizing our perfect TARIFAs.

Let’s do a short review…


Short, in solid blue pastel tones is a classic which never fails. Verdasco, the famous tennis player celebrated his 75k followers on Instagram wearing his TARIFAs while relaxing in his home pool. A smart choice for boasting his fit body and taking advantage of his tan.


Following the same style as Verdasco but adding a little touch of color with the back pocket, we have Aitor Ocio’s choice for his customized TARIFAs. A perfect election to live his summer holidays at Formentera and Ibiza. Aitor in swim trunks is always a good combination.

En la misma l√≠nea pero con un toque de color en el bolsillo trasero son los TARIFA escogidos por Aitor Ocio para pasar sus vacaciones en Formentera. Aitor y un traje de ba√Īo‚Ķ una combinaci√≥n sencillamente perfecta.


Setting solid colors aside, other celebrities have dared with prints of all sorts! Examples include Mark Wahlberg wearing an octopus print in blue tones, or the floral choices of english model Oliver Cheshire and Patrick Schwarzenegger.


Just as important it is to choose the perfect swim trunk as knowing how to wear it. And definitely some celebrities have inspired us to learn how we should avoid being seen in our trunks. For example, Paolo Maldini, with a good choice of bright yellow tones which would have been perfect if had he not shown his slips underneath. Or Sete Gibernau rolling his swimsuit to maximize his bronzed legs.


Giorgio Armani honors a special mention, given his choice to show us too much!

We hope this summary will help you customizing your TARIFAs! Make it. Wear it.