When we talk about customization, we need to mention its pioneer in fashion. This king and pioneer its undoubtedly Nike. NIKEiD, its innovative customizing platform, which began some years ago, is now offering the possibility to customize your running shoes, basketball, sportswear and even soccer cleats.

For each of these major sports, NIKEiD offers a wide variety of customizable models. The designing process is very similar for all of them. Once you choose the model that best suits your needs, you begin a rich customization process.


Among its wide range of customization options, you choose colors and bold prints for the different parts of the shoe, and also the design for the laces, insole, midsole, etc…

Although the possibilities are almost endless, the final touch of personalization is offered by allowing you to add a different name for each shoe right at the top of its tab.


And of course, if you need help to kickstart your design because you don’t have an idea in mind, each model of shoes has several standard designs that will serve you as a guide.

With NIKEiD, personalize your performance and display your style. Make it. Wear it.

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