Every summer, the choice of swimwear brings with it the big question: solid or print? Why not both? The solids are a safe bet, a perennial classic which, year after year, will fulfill their function. However, print swim trunks will give your look a fresh feel every season.


Tarifa and Company makes a bold bet on floral prints each year. For the classics or conservatives, two-tone prints will be a sure hit. Its combination with a neutral color shirt or polo will bring elegant and modern to your summer look.

Prints that blend colors in pastel shades provide all the light needed to fill with joy and vitality those men concerned with their style. They can be combined with different tones, getting a different look for every occasion: beach, boat, beach bar or pool.


Our TARIFAs fabrics are specifically treated to provide a similar cotton and the lack of visible seams in their pockets, make prints an option for everyone in their customized trunks.

You can also combine your TARIFAs in solid tones with printed fabrics in the back pocket. So if you continue asking yourself whether to go smooth or print, our advice is that you visit our Customizer and combine appropriate colors or prints to achieve the perfect swim trunks for you, your style and your personality. Make it. Wear it!


If there is a style that never goes out of fashion, it is denim. These garments, so popular in all closets, can be turned into the most original and creative pieces. Levi’s, leader in denim design and quality, wants to teach you how to create unique pieces by customizing them yourself.


From their web site, and through a wide range of video tutorials showing every step on how to customize your denim learn to cut jeans, narrow or sand them, or just adjust your jacket.


Our favorite is “how to make the perfect cut off shorts”. Take advantage of those pants that are outdated, which you don’t use anymore! Perfect for wearing them on sunny or beach days. Customize your clothing! Make it. Wear it.