Travel site TripAdvisor has just published the best 25 beaches in Europe, and as one would expect, Tarifa enjoys one of them: Bolonia.


Along its 4 kilometers (2,6 miles) of fine sands and moderate waves, you find a wild and virgin beach, a paradise for windsurfers and lovers alike. Its natural pools, its amazing dunes and the ruins of Roman city Baelo Claudia make this beach a unique and special location, with nothing to envy from other top beaches in Europe.

Bolonia is joined by other Spanish beaches in this selection. Ses Illetes and Cala Comte in the Balearic Islands are also in the list, unique places to enjoy memorable sunsets listening to the chill out sounds from any nearby beach lounge.


The beaches of Las Catedrales in Barreiros and La Concha in San Sebastian round off the list of Spanish beaches, in this case, both in the north of the country.


But the first place goes to Sicily, to the beach in Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Beach) in Lampedusa. Its golden sands and crystal clear waters bring sea life aficionados from around the world looking to enjoy such environments in a dream location.


At Tarifa and Company, we think the best way to build such a list is by visiting them and building your own, so why not? Pack your TARIFAs and travel around Europe’s beaches! It’s always summer somewhere!