Customization is also making progress in cycling, a perfect way of combining sport and style. At Tarifa and Company we love both fashion and exclusivity, that’s why we try to show you all differents ways of being unique and personal. As the spring arrives in the northern hemisphere, it is the time for customizing your bike!

Wobybi is an exclusive Spanish company which offers the possibility of creating your own bicycle, choosing from a wide range of colours. They also have a line of designs created by their own brand designers.


Versions come in a choice of three models: Milano, Soho or Triana; choose the colour for each part and you will have your customized bike just a little over two weeks!

VICTORIA Bike Co. tries to keep the classic style of bikes while adding your personal touch to the different elements.


These bicycles bring an additional aspect. Manufactured in Peru by local craftsmen, this brand has the goal of reducing the environmental impact in polluted areas of motor vehicles, making bikes the perfect way to move around. A good alternative to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Our last proposal is REPUBLIC Bike, an American company specialized in the design and manufacturing of bicycles.


For those who also worry about technical features, gears or materials, Republic offers the chance to modify any one of them. And they also offer the possibility of buying them as a wholesaler. Last but not least they have a bike line for children very original and entertaining, based on a three-wheel design, plus a cart to carry their toys.

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