If you like sand and sun, we hope you are not one of those who overdresses to hit the beach. By this we mean long trouser, fully buttoned shirts and elegant handkerchiefs, just to take a stroll by the shore. Beach is synonymous with relax and comfort, where simplicity reigns.


Go to the beach in your swim trunks, but not without a sense of style. There are many ways to combine your TARIFAs, and here we offer you a few ideas:

If you are wearing solid colors, neon or otherwise flashy, linen shirts are always a good option, white ones in particular will lighten your look and bring out your best tan.


If you prefer a classic trunk, with your TARIFAs in darker tones, you can combine it with t shirts with simple designs or colorful solids.


For your feet, choose simplicity again; minimalist sandals, espadrilles or fresh, comfortable canvas footwear that finish your look with style are the best alternatives.

However, if you will welcome the new year at a beach party in the evening or at night, leave the trunks and opt for a pair of bermudas or linen trousers. For the rest of occasions, don’t forget your TARIFAs!

Happy 2015!


If you are looking for beach accessories to complement your TARIFAs, we have the perfect option; Havaianas joins the customization trend from Australia, and we hope it will be available in more countries soon.


Its customization engine allows you to select the style of flip flop you will personalize among its two alternativas: Top (unisex) and Slim (women). One you select your size, you start the personalization of your pair.

The web site allows you to choose among 11 colors for the sole and 6 other for the strips, which you can combine in any alternative you like. If you are unsure, you can also seek inspiration in some of the design they are already present on their page.

The last step is the one that offers the widest array of options. Give your pair a distinctive look by adding up to four elements on each sandal. With more that 100 to choose from, pick among letters, stars, bicycles… we already have ours!


Customize your style. It’s always summer somewhere!!


Continuing our tour at TARIFA and Company of the finest spas of the world, today we descend on Karlovy Vary, an ideal spa town to spend a few days relaxing during these holidays.

Set a few hours from Prague, this historic city offers multiple relaxing and fun alternatives.


Start your visit with one of its key spots: Dvorak Park, which hosts columns of medicinal waters. As you stroll down the river side, reach the Thermal Fountain Pavilion, a modern architecture building inside which you will find a large hot spring with temperatures that reach 72ºC (162ºF).


There is a wide range of hotels in the city, many with spas that offer various thermal treatments. We recommend the Imperial Hotel, perfect to settle into your TARIFAs and enjoy its pool after a relaxing massage.