Water sports don’t always require perfect beaches, strong winds or chiseled bodies. Beyond these attributes, nature lovers enjoy diving into hidden treasures in the ocean depths.

From TARIFA and COMPANY we leave you here with a short list of very attractive places to dive into the water.

Coral Reef in Eilat, Israel. Located in the north point of the Red Sea, it enjoys reefs of great beauty and an incredible underwater world, with hundreds of fish species and other types of aquatic life.


Water conditions are great year round, with temperatures between 21┬║ and 25┬║ degrees celsius (70-77 F┬║) and clear blue water than allow 20 to 30 meters (65-100 feet) of visibility.

Diving can be done from the shore or from a boat, in a range of settings that go from shallow coral gardens to deep-water dives. You can also swim among sunk boats, while night diving is also an experience you should not miss.

Great Blue Hole, Belize. In the center of the Lighthouse Reef we find this incredible limestone hole with depths that reach 400 meters (1.300 feet). Considered by Jacques Cousteau one of the best diving spots in the world, the Great Hole is a magnet for the most adventurous divers.


Among its stalactites, stalagmites and columns, you will be able to enjoy an astounding marine life full of sponges, barracudas, corals and a great number of sharks, that patrol the limits of the hole.

Great Coral Reef, Australia. This wonder, found in the coast of Queensland, with 1.200 miles, is considered the largest living organism in the world.


Its waters house a sea life treasure of more than 4.000 fish species and the greatest variety of algae in the world. You will enjoy diving within its coral canyons filled with turtles, starfish and corals of every color in the rainbow.

Any time of the year, put on your swimsuit and enjoy a good diving spot!

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