Customization is an ever increasing demand in the fashion industry, and as part of this trend, leading trends are increasing their offer of exclusive products for their clients. Now Prada joins, inviting it’s customers to design the shoes to their own taste.


The italian brand started offering this service in their Sloane Street store in London last March. Over the following two days, loyal customers to the firm where are to design their shoes from the nine available models, choosing the size of the heel, sole colors, or the finish from multiple colors.

This offer is now expanding to other stores, including Madrid and Barcelona. In this occasion, the model chosen to customize for women is a masculine one, bl├╝cher style, where colors can be chosen from among 32 options that go from cobalt blue to scarlet red, covering also white, black, orange or yellow. The option to combine multiple colors allows to create unique bi color combinations.

Five different tones are available for the soles. Materials available in this edition are polished leather, python, and crocodile.


Customization does not end here. You will be able to make your Prada unique through the engraved message, in golden threads, on the sole.

Once an order is placed, the firm promises to deliver the final product within 60 days. In this manner, Prada ensure its customers the quality in italian shoemaking the brand has inherited, but with a unique, exclusive touch.


Do you want to be a Prada designer for one day? Make it. Wear it.


Some of the best beaches in South America can be found in the island that form archipelagos of unique and spectacular views. Characterized by their variety of shapes and styles, they are all perfect destinations to relax enjoying nature.

At TARIFA and COMPANY we have picked our favorites. Which ones would you add to the list?

Los Roques, Venezuela. This archipelago in the lower Antilles is home to some of the most beautiful islands in Latin America. The most spectacular beaches, all with clear, turquoise waters can be found in the three Francisqui keys. Also in the Aguas key, where patches of sand mix with freshwater wells and natural pools for a dream sight.


Fernando de Noronha, Brasil. Declared a marine natural park, this archipelago of volcanic origins enjoys some of the best beaches in South America. Its clear waters are a great diving spot where to enjoy the greatest display of marine life.


Galapagos, Ecuador. On top of enjoying unique views of sandy beaches, you will be able to enjoy swimming with marine iguanas, an experience hard to replicate elsewhere in the world. You will also be able to enjoy the sight of the marine turtles that inhabit the coasts of the Galapagos.


San Andres, Colombia. Beaches of fine sand and warm waters. Idyllic landscapes and a melting pot of cultures. Known as the seven color sea, San Andres is a spot you will not want to miss.


Wherever you are, remember that it’s always summer somewhere!


Fall-Winter season tends to be set by darker and flatter tones, typically with more vibrant and flashy summer colors. However, this season, closets will be filled with color, as the new trends dictate.

From TARIFA and COMPANY we want to share with you the trends in colors for the 2014-2015 Fall-Winter Season.


Reds and faded burgundys are leading some of the latest fashion trends. In stripes, plaids or patterns, these colors are always part of an extroverted and fun personality.

Combine you TARIFAs in reddish tones with neutral colors, such as white or black, to make the most of them.


The feared yellow, this time in mustard shades will also set the tone for this season. While at first sight it might seem difficult to combine, the options are infinite and you will enjoy the latest trend!