From the Spanish Costa del Sol to the colder shores of Great Britain, at TARIFA and COMPANY we continue our tour to share with you some of the best spas in the world. This time we make a stop at The Scarlet, an exclusive hotel set among the Cornwall cliffs.


With luxury tents turned into incredible treatment salons lit by lanterns and views over the Atlantic, the Scarlet Spa is a synonym of total calmness and relaxation.


You will be able to enjoy delightful sessions in mud rich in Rhassoul minerals or experiment the ritual of a traditional Hammam bath. Outside, a hot tub set atop of the cliffs invites you to relax while watching the stars. A natural water pool with views over the ocean is also available.


But not only the spa is a surprise in this luxurious hotel. The exclusive rooms turn unique with their terraces that overlook the doors to the Celtic Sea.

Enjoy the pleasure of resting over sea waters. Visit The Scarlet.

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