Customization is an ever increasing demand in the fashion industry, and as part of this trend, leading trends are increasing their offer of exclusive products for their clients. Now Prada joins, inviting it’s customers to design the shoes to their own taste.


The italian brand started offering this service in their Sloane Street store in London last March. Over the following two days, loyal customers to the firm where are to design their shoes from the nine available models, choosing the size of the heel, sole colors, or the finish from multiple colors.

This offer is now expanding to other stores, including Madrid and Barcelona. In this occasion, the model chosen to customize for women is a masculine one, bl├╝cher style, where colors can be chosen from among 32 options that go from cobalt blue to scarlet red, covering also white, black, orange or yellow. The option to combine multiple colors allows to create unique bi color combinations.

Five different tones are available for the soles. Materials available in this edition are polished leather, python, and crocodile.


Customization does not end here. You will be able to make your Prada unique through the engraved message, in golden threads, on the sole.

Once an order is placed, the firm promises to deliver the final product within 60 days. In this manner, Prada ensure its customers the quality in italian shoemaking the brand has inherited, but with a unique, exclusive touch.


Do you want to be a Prada designer for one day? Make it. Wear it.

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