Tarifa is renowned worldwide for its strong winds, making it a privileged location to enjoy certain water sports. But not all is wind and kitesurf at Tarifa.

When local tarifeños want to enjoy a calm day at the beach, many choose Playa Chica. Away from the kites and boards, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun.

The most westward beach of the Mediterranean, it is a 75-meter strip of white sand. It is also the closest beach to Tarifa town. The port sits on its larboard, Morocco is visible just a few kilometers away, the pier separates it from the Atlantic on starboard, and one can see the peninsula where Punta de Tarifa, Europe’s most southern point, sits at the end of its bay.

While rather urban, its surroundings are rich. Its waters, cold and transparent, are surrounded by rocks and make it a great place to dive and snorkel.


When the wind from the east hits, el levante, enjoy Playa Chica!


Nine-time kitesurf world champion, Gisela Pulido, along with entrepreneur Javier PĂ©rez Dolset, led an army of 352 riders, covering a distance of a mile in Tarifa waters.

Professional and amateur riders from all over the world came together for this initiative that has entered the history books. With a strong levante wind that took three days to appear, the participants managed to break the Guinness World Record set at 318 riders last year at the British beach of Hayling Island.

After the record setting, the seventh event for the PKRA World Tour kicked off, which returns to Tarifa after a six year absence.


If you are near Cádiz, don’t miss out of this experience!

From TARIFA and COMPANY we congratulate all participants!



Summer 2014 is nearing its end in the northern hemisphere. Many celebrities have shown their style in beaches around the world, but who sports their swimwear with the greater fashion sense?

At TARIFA and COMPANY we review some of the celebrity styles seen this summer.

David Beckham and Xabi Alonso, footballers, choose a classic short in electric blue fabrics. Combined with sunglasses and a cap, these two seem to be in sync in their vacation choices!


A longer short is the choice of Leonardo Di Caprio, who chooses a dark-toned fabric with a white plaid design for contrast.


And if we are to pick the most stylist, at TARIFA that award goes to Taylor Lautner. The actor takes on floral prints in blue tones that give him a polished look.


We hope some of these ideas help you design your TARIFAs!