In the city or on the coast, on a boat or from the comfort of home, at a beach bar or on a skydeck overlooking the city, the pleasure of a gin and tonic is a calling few people will resist.

TARIFA and CO. presents you with 3 unique combinations to make each moment unforgettable, this summer or anytime of the year!

  • With grapefruit and tarragon. Our favorite at TARIFA, its critic taste is a sure success among the most demanding. Put some tarragon leaves in the bottom of the glass, add some grapefruit juice and mix well to ensure the aromas blend. Just add ice, gin and tonic. A piece of the grapefuit skin at the end will add the need final touch.

  • The improved Lemon Classic. Innovate on the classic, for your connoisseur friends. Begin with the classic recipe, add some kaffir lime slices, lemon, juniper berries and a purple flower.

  • With Watermelon. The summer fruit by definition, blend it with gin and ginger to obtain a sweet and refreshing taste. Mix de combination for 45 minutes. Serve in a frozen glass with ice and add your favorite tonic. Add some decor with a couple more pieces of watermelon.


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