Sunglasses have always be and continue to be an essential accessory to mark your personality. Just look at some of the global celebrities that owe part of their iconic look to them: Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, even that Martini guy, among others.


The originality of this piece is the essence for the 2015 collections. From TARIFA and COMPANY, we share a few tips on how to pick the perfect model, and find the best combination with your swim trunks, of course!

Retro styles are stronger than ever with rounded shapes. While already a hit last year, this time there’s even more combinations thanks to the combination of materials. No longer will pick just among metal or plastic, mixing and combining gives greater diversity to our look.

Mirror sunglasses will continue their strong showing in 2015, displaying an even wider color palette.


Matté colors and camouflage will be the great irruption this year. There will also be and increasing combination of transparent materials, with floral designs and colorful interiors even in the most classic designs.

Protect your eyes from the sun, and enjoy the most of it!


Lovers day is fast approaching, and while we might say the opposite, deep down we love for our loved one to remember us on February 14. From Tarifa and Company, we send a couple of great gifts ideas to surprise on Valentine’s Day.

For her… customized jewelry. If there’s something that a woman cannot resist, is a quality jewelry piece, more so if it is designed and created exclusively for her. The firm Gemvara allows such personalization in rings, pendants and more in various designs and materiales. In just a few steps, you will be able to design a pendant such as the one below: her initial (or yours) in 18 karat gold. Customize and surprise her!


For him, personalized TARIFAs! It is not only a great gift that will surprise him, it will be the perfect excuse to start planning a trip to the beach or a romantic spa where to enjoy some quality time together. Right in the middle of the fashion show season, you will be able to customize your TARIFA in the colors and prints in vogue on the catwalks, o in red tones, traditional this time of year!


A gift on Valentine’s day is special, make it even more so by adding your personal touch. Make it. Wear it.


If you like sand and sun, we hope you are not one of those who overdresses to hit the beach. By this we mean long trouser, fully buttoned shirts and elegant handkerchiefs, just to take a stroll by the shore. Beach is synonymous with relax and comfort, where simplicity reigns.


Go to the beach in your swim trunks, but not without a sense of style. There are many ways to combine your TARIFAs, and here we offer you a few ideas:

If you are wearing solid colors, neon or otherwise flashy, linen shirts are always a good option, white ones in particular will lighten your look and bring out your best tan.


If you prefer a classic trunk, with your TARIFAs in darker tones, you can combine it with t shirts with simple designs or colorful solids.


For your feet, choose simplicity again; minimalist sandals, espadrilles or fresh, comfortable canvas footwear that finish your look with style are the best alternatives.

However, if you will welcome the new year at a beach party in the evening or at night, leave the trunks and opt for a pair of bermudas or linen trousers. For the rest of occasions, don’t forget your TARIFAs!

Happy 2015!