Lovers day is fast approaching, and while we might say the opposite, deep down we love for our loved one to remember us on February 14. From Tarifa and Company, we send a couple of great gifts ideas to surprise on Valentine’s Day.

For her… customized jewelry. If there’s something that a woman cannot resist, is a quality jewelry piece, more so if it is designed and created exclusively for her. The firm Gemvara allows such personalization in rings, pendants and more in various designs and materiales. In just a few steps, you will be able to design a pendant such as the one below: her initial (or yours) in 18 karat gold. Customize and surprise her!


For him, personalized TARIFAs! It is not only a great gift that will surprise him, it will be the perfect excuse to start planning a trip to the beach or a romantic spa where to enjoy some quality time together. Right in the middle of the fashion show season, you will be able to customize your TARIFA in the colors and prints in vogue on the catwalks, o in red tones, traditional this time of year!


A gift on Valentine’s day is special, make it even more so by adding your personal touch. Make it. Wear it.


A swimsuit can tell a lot about a man. And we are not talking about their belly, muscular tone or sun tan, but about the piece itself. This small garment can reveal important aspects about our personality. Shape and print can tell a lot about the gentleman.. in them.

- Classic cut in dark tones: as we can see here in David Cameron, the beach is not their natural habitat. Their sobriety carries into sandy environments. Many times complemented with a dark shirt or polo, it completes a look to pass unnoticed.


- Fashionable prints: bold and confident. Those who follow trends are also particularly demanding on their image.

- Solid colors and classic prints: the classics. They feel right at home with a cocktail in their hand or on the boat, rather than by the seashore. Here we can enjoy none other than Rafa Nadal teaching us a few dance steps.


- Fluor colors: fun and enjoyable. They love the beach, tanning and walking up and down the beach. See and be seen.


- Slips: allowing oneself to wear this minute piece requires months in the gym and in under the epilation laser gun. These men worry about aesthetics… maybe too much.


Customize your swimsuit to match your personality and allow it to speak for itself. Make it. Wear it.


Highly masculine, blue is a permanent winner in the fashion shows around the world and promises to be a sure hit once again in the 2015 Summer Season.

Always fresh and becoming, don’t forget to review all the tones this color has two offer. What are the most fashionable for this season?

Trajes de baño azules

Aquamarine blue. Inspired by air and freshness, with light grey tones, it sets a tranquil and relaxing mood. Exalt its tones by combining it with other shades of blue. Or if you are bolder, mix it with yellows and oranges.

Tropical turquoise. As with most blues, it is a distinguished color. However, this turquoise has an interesting point in vitality and emotion, transporting us to an exotic paradise in the fantastic waters of a tropical ocean.

Electric blue. This classic blue is strong, dependable and reflective. Combine it with any other color this season for a distinctive and elegant look.

Customize your TARIFAs in blue tones and splash them with a colorful print on their back pocket.

Trajes de baño azules

At TARIFA and COMPANY we are constantly these latest trends, to be able to offer you different tones of blue to ensure you follow the latest trends, but with the touch of exclusivity that fully customizable swim trunks provide. Make it. Wear it!