The Spanish coast harbors unusual landscapes that drive us to places we never expected. Today we want to show you some of the most fascinating beaches in our country, trips worth taking any time of the year.


Sakoneta Beach, Guipúzcoa, País Vasco. Striking for its landscape drawn over time with the soft going and coming waves. Located at the outsides of the city of San Sebastian, this place remains in a wild state that makes it special.


Charco Azul Beach, El Hierro, Canary Islands. One of the most spectacular swimming areas located on the smallest of the Canary Islands, it consists of two natural pools in a cluster of caves that point directly to the wild Atlantic Ocean. Turquoise waters and the ocean’s surrounding sound will not leave you indifferent!


Ses Illetes Beach, Formentera, Balearic Islands. This tongue of land that enters the sea almost touching s’Espalmador Island, is a curious picture of calm waters on one side, and waves on the other.


Catedrales (Cathedrals) Beach, Lugo, Galicia. Its peculiar rock formation has earned to its magnificent nickname and is considered one of the most amazing beaches in the world. Its caves and crannies can only be crossed until noon, because after that the tide and the ocean take back this natural temple.


Gulpiyuri Beach, Asturias. This tiny beach it has been declared Natural Monument, is so special because the sea reaches her through a tunnel between rock walls.


As summer arrives to Tarifa, it is definitely the time head for its beach bars, chill outs, and sunsets with entertaining background music. Today we want to introduce you to a renowed hangout in Tarifa, Tumbao, an iconic place envolved in a relaxed atmosphere and located on the spectacular beach of Valdevaqueros.


Run by the three Whaley brothers and located on Valdevaqueros Beach Bar since 2010, Tumbao is considered by many as the ideal place to relax ‘tumbao’ (lying) on the lawn next to the beach, enjoying a refreshing mojito or beer, while watching the flying kites of those kitesurfing.


Although their mojitos of different flavours are excellent, you cannot leave Tarifa without trying one of its burgers. The magic of this place is also enhanced with the spontaneous or planned concerts which bring a lot of interesting and different folks to this place.

Because a full beach day in Tarifa starts early and ends late, you better not leave without lying at Tumbao.


Location: Valdevaqueros, Road N340 Km 75
Opening: from Easter to mid September
Phone: 651020559 // 651020559
Website: Facebook


While we might used to see beaches crowded with people, there are still hidden dream places, pristine beaches, paradise destinations unknown to most, to unwind, relax and above all, enjoy the water and sun fit with your TARIFAs.

Today we share with you some of these amazing places.


Ses Illetes, Formentera. This tiny and amazing beach has placed in 2015 as the sixth best beach in the world, and gained the first place in Spain in Traveler’s Choice ranking. What is most striking is the clarity and transparency of is water, which makes this place ideal for diving lovers.


Bahía do Sancho, Brasil. Located in the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, this beach will delight your eyes, as for many people this Brazilian beach is considered the best in the world . Undoubtedly, a paradise of turquoise water where you can find absolute tranquility. Moreover, at the top of its cliffs you will enjoy both watching the dolphins and the spectacular views.


Whitsunday Islands, Australia. With white sand beaches, fringed by palm trees and clear waters, these islands are the perfect example of a tropical paradise. The biggest show of this coast is between May and September, if you travel on those months you will be able to watch whales visit this unique setting!


Lake Nyasa, Malawi. With its 29.600 km², this large lagoon has become a main tourist attraction in the country. At the national park you will be able to see hippos, elephants, antelopes and rhinos. A different and wild destination for the most adventurous.


Bacuit, Filipinas. This place wasn’t found until 1979. Its discoverer, a tuna fisherman, was forced to spend a night at sea, waking up among islands and a pristine coastline. Today, its 50 beaches are still intact. These include Matinloc, which has to be reached through rocks.