For those who cannot wait for the sun and good weather for a dip, here we leave you a selection of winter pools that combine design, architecture and a myriad of details to swim and relax in a swimsuit .

Bulgari Hotel, Milan, Italy.
The combination of traditional treatments with modern architecture manages to convey a sense of deep relaxation. A totally memorable, personalized experience and the finest attentive and individualized service.


Talise Spa Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
At 150 meters above the Arabian Gulf, this luxurious spa is the ultimate destination to enjoy, relax and rejuvenate. Set on two levels, it offers a wide range of treatments to soothe even the most hectic lifestyle.


International Warsaw Hotel, Warsaw, Poland.
From its amazing pool located on the 43rd floor of the hotel you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the city, and relax in the modern sauna.


The Opposite House, Beijing, China.
To recharge and rejuvenate, relax in the ultra modern emerald pool at this luxury hotel located in Beijing, or enjoy a steam bath.


No matter the time of year. It’s always summer somewhere. Make it. Wear it.


Continuing our tour at TARIFA and Company of the finest spas of the world, today we descend on Karlovy Vary, an ideal spa town to spend a few days relaxing during these holidays.

Set a few hours from Prague, this historic city offers multiple relaxing and fun alternatives.


Start your visit with one of its key spots: Dvorak Park, which hosts columns of medicinal waters. As you stroll down the river side, reach the Thermal Fountain Pavilion, a modern architecture building inside which you will find a large hot spring with temperatures that reach 72ºC (162ºF).


There is a wide range of hotels in the city, many with spas that offer various thermal treatments. We recommend the Imperial Hotel, perfect to settle into your TARIFAs and enjoy its pool after a relaxing massage.


After a day on the slopes, one wants to just warm up and rest. At Tarifa and Company, we recommend a few wellness oasis to rest after a long day in the snow.

Hotel Val de Neu, Baqueira, Spain. Enjoy an outdoor jacuzzi while you enjoy the views over the Ruda Valley. The Spa also offers an indoor pool, aromatherapy showers, Turkish baths, Finnish saunas and warm beds.


Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa, Andorra. Warm up in their outdoor hydrotherapy tubs, built in such a way that you will still be able to enjoy them while snowing!


Hot Springs at Pré Saint-Didier, d’Aosta Valley, Italy. A unique spot with three outdoor pools, surrounded by snow, which invite you to relax while you enjoy the views of the Mont Blanc.


Who said swimsuits were not for the snow? There’s always a spot to enjoy with your TARIFAs. It’s always summer somewhere!