Pools, spas and health resorts are elements that make the best hotels in the world truly unique. In this blog we want to offer you a tour of our favorite corners to combine travel, fun and of course, water.


Set in the Spain’s Costa del Sol, amongst the magnificent villas of Marbella and Sotogrande theFinca Cortes├şn is the ideal place from which to escape the daily routine in an elegant and exclusive atmosphere.

Just 1,5km from the Mediterranean, the resort is built on a 215 acre resort, 150 of which are green space, and is divided into 5 large areas: Hotel, Golf, Spa and Sport Club, Beach Club and Residences.

One of the most exclusive aspects of Finca Cortesin is its espectacular spa, with more than 2000 square meters, subdivided into three specific sections:

Treatment and massage area, where you will be able to enjoy the latest beauty treatments or relax with any of their eastern massages, performed by experts from Thailand. In addition, it includes an impressive double suite equipped with showers and a huge bathtub.

Thermal area, prepared to have you enjoy a full experience of contrasts, with saunas, turkish baths, showers and relaxation area. It also includes a Japanese pool with water at 10┬║C (50┬║F) and a unique ice cave at -12┬║C (10┬║F), unique in Southern Europe.

Gym area, with personal trainers to help you exercise or work out in a number of routines, such as yoga or Pilates.


Take a breather and enjoy a relaxing moment!


A beach getaway is not complete without a good cocktail. If you manage to escape for a relaxing trip, enjoy the moment fully with any of these classics, known worldwide.

Gin and Tonic, India
Word goes that the British would add gin to fight the tonic’s bitter taste. Later, lime was added and became the traditional drink we know today. These days, it is the most trendy drink to enjoy at any beach.


Pi├▒a Colada, Puerto Rico
Pineapple, coconut cream and rum transport us to paradise, spectacular beaches and idyllic views. This cocktail, as exotic as it is sweet and delicious, is one of the best options to enjoy in a beach setting.

Caipirinha, Brasil
Made with sugar, lime and cacha├ža, this drink invites you to the fun and enjoyment so tradicional in Brazilian beaches. Variations abound, caipifruta being the most popular, in which cashew fruits, mango or kiwi are brought to the mix.

Margarita, Mexico
Tequila, cointreau and lime juice served in a glass, with its borders dipped into salt, make this Mexico’s most famous cocktail and the world’s top seller.


Mai-Tai, Polinesia
Rum, cura├žao, grenadine syrup, lime and orange juice make up this cocktail, which gained popularity after Elvis’ 1961 film, Blue Hawaii

Daiquiri, Cuba
Due to the abundance of rum, lime and sugar in the Caribbean, there three ingredients are the basis for many of the cocktails in the region. Named after a beach near Santiago de Cuba, the first daiquiri was prepared by a group of American engineers who were working in the area.

Now, just put on your TARIFAs, and march out to enjoy your relaxing moment with one of these cocktails in your hand.


Infinity pools have seen a strong increase in their number in the past few years, as luxury hotels around the world surprise us with these incredible spaces.

These pools get their name from the visual effect one enjoys from the water extending into the horizon, being those whose edge merge into the sea or the sky the ones that cause a greater impact.

At TARIFA and CO. we’ve selected four unique infinity pools, where design and nature combine to create a unique space to relax and enjoy.

Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives


Grace Santorini, Santorini


Gran Hotel, Barcelona


Alila Ubud, Bali