Yes, you’ve read correctly. Your very own TARIFA has a girlfriend, and she’s rather… attractive. Her name is Bay May Name Swimsuit and it’s the new collection of female swimsuits by Bruna Malucelli. Looking at her models, it’s clear we make a great couple. Don’t you think?


Similar to TARIFA, their swimsuits are available in multiple colors, and they’ve been designed with materials of the best quality, which are of course, customizable. Without a doubt, the best option for those who want to share their most glamorous and femenine side.


One of the famous faces that have worn a model from Bruna Malucelli’s collection has been Bella Hadid. The more than 250.000 likes in her post are a good show that the look is a hit. She is likely not to be the last one to make a splash on social media, as this brand has arrived to take a spot in the wardrobe on every top model. The reason… is clear.


When we talk about customization, we need to mention its pioneer in fashion. This king and pioneer its undoubtedly Nike. NIKEiD, its innovative customizing platform, which began some years ago, is now offering the possibility to customize your running shoes, basketball, sportswear and even soccer cleats.

For each of these major sports, NIKEiD offers a wide variety of customizable models. The designing process is very similar for all of them. Once you choose the model that best suits your needs, you begin a rich customization process.


Among its wide range of customization options, you choose colors and bold prints for the different parts of the shoe, and also the design for the laces, insole, midsole, etc…

Although the possibilities are almost endless, the final touch of personalization is offered by allowing you to add a different name for each shoe right at the top of its tab.


And of course, if you need help to kickstart your design because you don’t have an idea in mind, each model of shoes has several standard designs that will serve you as a guide.

With NIKEiD, personalize your performance and display your style. Make it. Wear it.


We are always in the search for great fitting pants, and now we have come across a great alternative: Spoke offers you a unique product. A pair of pants perfectly fitted to match your figure, manufactured and hand-crafted beautifully, are only a click away.


The philosophy behind this British brand is set on the firm belief that clothing that don’t fit you perfectly can never really look stylish. Their mission is not only focused on creating a pair of great looking pants, but also ones in which you’ll feel most comfortable in. And whilst other brands are focused on fast moving fashion trends, Spoke have not forgotten on the critical aspects of refinement and fit. This is why every purchase begins by getting your measurements right.


Through a simple eight question process about your height, weight and build, Spoke will recommend the perfect size from within its offering. If your idea is to present it as a gift, you just need to choose the amount. The gift card will be sent with a tailor’s measuring tape for perfect impact and presentation.

Spoke shows that customization is not only about fabrics and cuts, but about making our clothing truly ours. Just like Tarifa and Company, they thrive on quality and exclusivity for a style that’s truly ours. Make it. Wear it.