Our goal at Tarifa and Company goal is to offer a unique and exclusive product, always bearing in mind both fashion trends and comfort. The quality of our swim trunks is based on small details, with a perfect finish that will make us different.


Our 100% polyamide quick-drying Spanish fabrics are treated to ensure rapid comfort, and also a higher level of design, whether you’re off to an exotic beach or just a friend’s pool. Moreover, these cloths undergo special treatments on its fibers to get close a feel of cotton, providing an unique smoothness to your TARIFAs. You will be able to choose between a wide range of colors and patterns carefully selected, and always ensuring the latest trends.


Our signature back pocket is another detail that allows you to add you personal touch, and gives you the possibility of show your personality. Choosing a different print or colour for the pocket gives you the possibility of create a pair of bicolored TARIFA’s . But not only the pocket color is a unique part of your TARIFA’s, but also its handcrafted design. Thanks to its interior velcro-seal closure system we make seams invisible. Made with polyamide instead of mesh fabric, it improves wear resistance, without disrupting water from flowing through.

The many drawstring options will give your swim trunk a touch of creativity and style. Not only due to the color, but also because of their finish. Choose from finishing the cord with a knot or with a cube metal finish with our engraved logo.


Our TARIFA squared logo, embroidered by hand, combines the same colour as the drawstring. You will also be able to embroider your initials inside, making a completely exclusive TARIFA. The perfect idea for a special gift!


If you finally decide to customize a pair of TARIFA for you or for someone else, enjoy its unique packaging. Little details to create and exclusive design and premium garment. Make it. Wear it.


We are always in the search for great fitting pants, and now we have come across a great alternative: Spoke offers you a unique product. A pair of pants perfectly fitted to match your figure, manufactured and hand-crafted beautifully, are only a click away.


The philosophy behind this British brand is set on the firm belief that clothing that don’t fit you perfectly can never really look stylish. Their mission is not only focused on creating a pair of great looking pants, but also ones in which you’ll feel most comfortable in. And whilst other brands are focused on fast moving fashion trends, Spoke have not forgotten on the critical aspects of refinement and fit. This is why every purchase begins by getting your measurements right.


Through a simple eight question process about your height, weight and build, Spoke will recommend the perfect size from within its offering. If your idea is to present it as a gift, you just need to choose the amount. The gift card will be sent with a tailor’s measuring tape for perfect impact and presentation.

Spoke shows that customization is not only about fabrics and cuts, but about making our clothing truly ours. Just like Tarifa and Company, they thrive on quality and exclusivity for a style that’s truly ours. Make it. Wear it.



A few weeks ago we brought you Golden Concept, a platform where you can customize your gold-plated iPhone, this time we bring you a more afordable way of customizing your phone, tablet or Apple watch.

Casetify is a web site which allows you to customize your devices’ covers with pictures from Facebook or Instagram. For those who are not active in social media, you can also upload your pictures from your computer or even choose ones from the Casetify gallery.


Choosing the device is the first step in this process, along with the case type. For iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5 and 5S, you can choose among three options:
- Classic Snap, an extra thin case for a minimalist look.
- Metalux Casing, which will allow you to swap the back cover and change them to fit any occasion.
- Wood Case, designed in a high quality wood finish.


Once you’ve selected your case, the customization process begins by selecting the template where to place our images. The page offers multiple options, ranging from the traditional grid, to formats in the shapes of hearts, dots or letters. You can also choose one of their predefined designs.

The most creative part is building the collage that will dress our phone. For those that can’t live without Instagram filters, there is also the possibility to add one of such finishes to add a touch of sophistication to your composition.


Personalize your style. Make it. Casetify it.