Their name is Allwelove, it’s Spanish and models such as Elle Macpherson, Monaco’s Princess Charlenne, Carolina Herrera or Naomi Campbell have turned this handbag into a fashion icon. Everyone wants one. Not strange, given this exclusive brand focuses en comfort, simplicity and sophistication in every one of their models.


They have been such a hit, in their barely two year existence, that more than 2.000 units have been sold. A high number given that each model is only made in 15 or 20 similar designs. Their secret? They are manufactured using natural materials such as linen, cotto, suede or leather… And always with attractive colors and a touch of neon in the zippers.

Customiza tu bolso

To make them even more exclusive, Allwelove allows you to customize each handbag with your initials, a logo or a seal. They also design luggage, weekend bags or dressing cases. We think they are great, what about you?


In recent years we have seen how customized offering have increased their supply. The advance of new technologies and their use in the design and production phases, increases the options available to the customer to give a product the fit your needs require.


Projects develop these customization alternatives trying to offer customers unique products. In some cases, even the product’s production is customizable. This would be the case of Zazzle, the British company whose intention is to ‘create a platform where there is room for all the products of the world’. In other words, the Make Engine is creating the necessary tools so you can create and customize anything you can imagine.


As a customer, you can access a wide range of products: t-shirts, posters, cards, glasses, pillows … You can navigate their designs to serve you as inspiration, or create your style almost from zero. The personalization process is simple and intuitive, allowing you not only to choose shapes, styles, finishes, colors, textures, but also attach images with your own designs with great freedom to place and position within the design area.


Despite the high level of customization that some products might reach, the result is my somewhat uneven depending on the product chosen, offering a better finish those who propose a series of combined elements than those fully customizable.

As a designer, Zazzle allows you to focus on creation without worrying about orders or customers. They do it for you! Wait… what? Yes, create your designs on hundreds of products from Zazzle for free and put them on sale. They produce and ship your products to customers who buy them while giving the designer a cut of the transaction.


Whether you’re a customer or designer, technology turns your creations into reality. Learn more about the company on its website. Make it. Wear it.


Details make the difference and manage to create a special link with your garments. This statement, by shirt maker Blackpier, wishes to crystalize the opportunity to break the traditional tailoring molds to do something completely different. In a world of constant evolution, these changes will allow us to create brand new personalized products.


From their website, which you can visit, you can customize your men’s shirts. But this function is not limited to the elements of the shirt such as necks or wrists, but also small details such as patterns, monograms, or stitching colors.


The first step is the fabric: linen, cotton or easy ironing fabrics; and a color, a texture or a pattern among the many options offered.


The next step is to define the shirt’s style. In the next section you will define collars, pockets, wrists, fit, buttons or finishes. Through this process, the customizing engine guides you in every step to choose the options that best adjust to your wishes, while also offering suggestions on ties and knots.


The following steps help you define your style to a greater degree of detail. Collars and wrists will be offer new fabrics, both for internal or external finishes. And don’t forget to choose the color of your buttons and buttonholes.


As always, the final touch to culminate your creation will be the monogramed initials. Choose a color that contrasts over the main fabric of the shirts or a similar tone to allow your initials to blend in. Define it to your liking! Also, you can place it on the chest or on the collar.

Make it. Wear it.