In recent years we have seen how customized offering have increased their supply. The advance of new technologies and their use in the design and production phases, increases the options available to the customer to give a product the fit your needs require.


Projects develop these customization alternatives trying to offer customers unique products. In some cases, even the product’s production is customizable. This would be the case of Zazzle, the British company whose intention is to ‘create a platform where there is room for all the products of the world’. In other words, the Make Engine is creating the necessary tools so you can create and customize anything you can imagine.


As a customer, you can access a wide range of products: t-shirts, posters, cards, glasses, pillows … You can navigate their designs to serve you as inspiration, or create your style almost from zero. The personalization process is simple and intuitive, allowing you not only to choose shapes, styles, finishes, colors, textures, but also attach images with your own designs with great freedom to place and position within the design area.


Despite the high level of customization that some products might reach, the result is my somewhat uneven depending on the product chosen, offering a better finish those who propose a series of combined elements than those fully customizable.

As a designer, Zazzle allows you to focus on creation without worrying about orders or customers. They do it for you! Wait… what? Yes, create your designs on hundreds of products from Zazzle for free and put them on sale. They produce and ship your products to customers who buy them while giving the designer a cut of the transaction.


Whether you’re a customer or designer, technology turns your creations into reality. Learn more about the company on its website. Make it. Wear it.


What happens when you renovate a classic beach bar, bring in the latest decorations, and serve the best cocktails under both the sun and the moon? Well, it stops being a beach bar and grows up to become a beach club. In Spain you will find a few alternatives to enjoy as you would in Miami or Bali. Here are 3 for you to enjoy this summer.


Puro Beach (Majorca)
An oasis of peace and tranquility, ready to enjoy live music to enjoy from its spa, restaurant, pool or bar terraces. A beach club with so much success that it has expanded to the beaches of Dubai or even Italy’s Toscana.


Nikki Beach Club (Marbella)
Known across the world for organizing the best parties throughout the summer months, Nikki Beach Club offers themed parties with live music and gourmet dinners. All of which you will be able to enjoy from a hammock and a refreshing frozen bottle of Dom Pérignon.


Ushuaïa (Ibiza)
Although it might sometimes feel that the whole island is like a beach club, Ushuaïa Ibiza is one of the most exclusive corners of the island to enjoy a wide gastronomic offering while you relax in a zen environment or chill while listening to house music.

What are you waiting for to enjoy them in your TARIFAs?


Sicily offers breathtaking contrasts: sea and volcano never merged so beautifully. With a full offer for outdoor activities, ravishing views and island exploring opportunities, it is the gem of the Mediterranean.

At the heart of the island one can find many archeological treasures, and within them a modern one is Villa Athena Hotel, a perfect spot from where to start your Sicilian adventures.


Palermo, in ruins
Visit Duomo de Monreale to find the best Byzantine cathedral on the island. Rich with its wonderful mosaics, it’s worth a visit any time of the year. Read more on Tripadvisor.


Eat pizza
One cannot visit Italy without taking a minute to try one of its distinct pizzas. In Catania, roam the streets to this little treasure. Visit Eat Pizza’s page.