We thought Instagram was a tool limited to uploading and share pictures and videos with friends, brands or celebrities… but Mercedes Benz has shown is that it’s not just this. The luxury automobile brand has launched its customization engine through the popular social app.

Luxury customization

Everything begins at the @gla_build_your_own profile, where you will start your tour to customize the GLA model from the Mercedes Benz lineup.

Luxury customization

This interesting functionality, surprising to even the brands followers, is possible through their use of tags within Instagram. Each tag will take you to a new set of options that will give your Mercedes its personality.

Luxury customization

Customizaci├│n is revolutionizing not only large luxury firms, but also social networks. Make it. Wear it!


While there are folks who want to start the year in warm climates to enjoy a good swim, these are not the only spots to start the year in your swim suit and sandals.


Despite low temperatures, thousands of Dutch start the year in their swimwear, ready to dive into the sea at rather cold temperatures. After their swim, they warm back up again with some hot chocolate, ron and snert, a particularly thick and hearty pea soup.


This tradition, which started in 1960, brought more than 50.000 brave souls in 2015 in their swimsuits and traditional Christmas hat, but in orange tones, as is we are in Holland after all.


Warm or cold, put your TARIFAs to use in 2015. It’s always summer somewhere!