Recently we at Tarifa and Company have come accross a unique brand of jeans which shares our passion for quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exclusive fit and taste within denim: Marc Nelson Denim.


Founded in 2011 by Marcus Hall, he built on the accumulated family and local community knowledge from the now defunct Levi’s factory down the street where he grew up in Knoxville, TN. In Marc Nelson, he has been able to combine a truly comfortable design with a contemporary edge to their jeans.


Marc Nelson works only with the finest fabrics in denim, from Cone Mills to Japanese and Italian selvedge denim. Their production runs are rather limited and each style is limited to 214 pairs (why it’s exactly 214, shoot them an e-mail!), so make sure you move fast if you see one you like.

Proving that a pair of jeans is not just a few yards of denim fabric, thread, rivets, buttons, a zipper, but a statement of who you are, their designs are for the elegant men and women who seek their clothing to be not only stylish, but also truly unique and built with the highest degree of care.


Born and manufactured in America, the house of denim, Marc Nelson ships their exclusive designs to not only the US, but Europe too. Take a tour of their site and enjoy a truly unique and exclusive jeans brand!

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