Highly masculine, blue is a permanent winner in the fashion shows around the world and promises to be a sure hit once again in the 2015 Summer Season.

Always fresh and becoming, don’t forget to review all the tones this color has two offer. What are the most fashionable for this season?

Trajes de baño azules

Aquamarine blue. Inspired by air and freshness, with light grey tones, it sets a tranquil and relaxing mood. Exalt its tones by combining it with other shades of blue. Or if you are bolder, mix it with yellows and oranges.

Tropical turquoise. As with most blues, it is a distinguished color. However, this turquoise has an interesting point in vitality and emotion, transporting us to an exotic paradise in the fantastic waters of a tropical ocean.

Electric blue. This classic blue is strong, dependable and reflective. Combine it with any other color this season for a distinctive and elegant look.

Customize your TARIFAs in blue tones and splash them with a colorful print on their back pocket.

Trajes de baño azules

At TARIFA and COMPANY we are constantly these latest trends, to be able to offer you different tones of blue to ensure you follow the latest trends, but with the touch of exclusivity that fully customizable swim trunks provide. Make it. Wear it!


To offer our clients, not only the finest materials and quality, but also an unbeatable shopping experience, TARIFA and COMPANY opens its swimsuit customizer. Personalization is here to stay!


You will be able to customize the TARIFA fabric of your choice, among a classic bermuda cut, comfortable and classy, and an edgier, short cut, boxer-style, that are now in vogue in beaches around the world.

Start your customization by choosing a fabric, among our large selection of solids and prints, carefully selected among the latest designs. You will be able to combine this fabric or any other, for the back pocket, to create a unique dual TARIFA combination.


Customization does not stop there. TARIFA and COMPANY allows you to choose the cord of your swimsuit, to add a touch of color and creativity to your design.


But the most interesting aspect of the brand and product, is that you will be able to embroider your initials or characters to create a virtually unique swimsuit, from among 15.000 possible combinations.



While we do offer a catalog of predesigned combinations, we encourage you to take advantage of a unique swimsuit built completely to your taste.

What are you waiting for to create your own model? Make it. Wear it!


Continuing our trip down relaxing waters and unforgettable experiences, today in TARIFA and COMPANY, we make a stop in the Mondariz Spa. Sitting in the heart of Galicia, in northern Spain, by the river Tea, this spa is a a perfect place to escape from daily routine and indulge for a few relaxing days.


Opened in 1873, today it houses a 4-star hotel complex divided into three magnificent historical buildings; the hotel, the Palacio del Agua (Water Palace) Spa with minero-medicinal waters and a great 18-hole golf course.

Selected best Spa in Spain in 2012, the Palacio del Agua is a 3.000m2 (10.000 square feet) oasis dedicated to relaxation and fun in the water. A place designed to enjoy alone or escape as a couple.

The thermal area at Mondariz, with more than a century of history, is today a center that enjoys the latest and most modern techniques for minero-medicinal waters use.

A special mention to the Celtic Spa is in order; a unique thermal circuit inspired by the ancestral celtic thermal traditions.


High-net worth individuals, members of various royal houses and celebrities from around the world visit to enjoy the medical waters of Mondariz since the XIX century. Its three springs can be accessed from the Palacio del Agua to enjoy baths and inhalants on demand.

Alone or as a couple, get your TARIFAs ready and relax in its waters!