There is tremendous satisfaction in making things, however few of us today can actively participate in the clothing we wear. At TARIFA and CO. we want you to enjoy this feeling every time you wear your TARIFAs.


Swimsuits many times are an afterthought: they accompany us through great moments, we wear it while wearing little more, but few are the brands that distingues themselves on their quality and finish. If the cut of your swimsuit is not the best, you quickly notice. Without even trying, we are great experts when detecting a high-quality, professionally fitted swimsuit.

We want that with your TARIFAs you have the greatest confidence that you have a swimsuit with the best trims, fast-drying, and a cut and fit of the greatest quality. One that, on top, you will have participated in its creation. For your comfort, and ours.

For all this TARIFA and CO. is born. Make it. Wear it.

PS. If you want to learn more about the benefits of participating in making your things, read this Harvard article.

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